Cheat Kinjutsu Sakura Scatter Permanent

New cheat kinjutsu sakura scatter permanent, just using 2 tools, fiddler and charles u can get it, cheat kinjutsu sakura scatter permanent, cheat might not last long just bug for ninja sagaI have tried and succeeded, i will share now:

copy and paste your new bar/browse wait 5 sconds skip addfly
fiddler :
charles :
file swf :
pass : cheat-afrix
Tutorial :

- Install and open fiddler
- Darg file SWF
- Open Ninja Saga
- Force traffic to fiddler
- Go to shop
- Buy 2000T
- Do not send traffic to fiddler
- Close fiddler
- Open charles
- Break point
- Go to claim kinjutsu sakura scatter
- Cliam and appear charles changed :
    status number 1 > eror number 0 > result number 1
- you get it :D
Note : this cheat doesn't last long

Tutorial Video

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March 20, 2013 at 2:20 AM

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