Create room For free user Ninja Saga (Live PvP)

Ninja Saga PvP VIP (Create Room) Hack by Ex-Hax
Tools Required:

-Fiddler >Cari digoogle-Swf >

Features:- Private Room should be for everyone, not just emblem players!- So through this hack everyone can create their own private room!

Instructions:1. Download 'Artificial Emblem+2K Tokens Hac by EX-Hax' and fiddler2. Open Fiddler -> Goto autoresponder tab & tick:i) enable autoresponseii) requests password 3. Drag 'shop_new' swf file in fiddler4. Click clear cache in fiddler5. Now clear your browser's cache:

For goto optionsII) under the hoodIII) clear browsing dataIV) tick cache & untick others (history etc)V) clear browsing data

For Mozillia:I) Goto toolsII) Clear private data/recent historyIII) tick cache & untick others (history etc)IV) Click clear now

NOTE: No need to clear BROWSER's cache if you havent opened 'Shop' in Ninja Saga since you opened your system (PC/laptop etc)

6. Open Ninja Saga
7. Go to Shop -> Buy Emblem + 2K Tokens (Not Permanent)
8. Go to PvP -> Just have to be lucky enough to find place & get in
9. After you have joined PvP, note you are an Emblem User~~ Now you can create your own private room in NS PvP
10. Create Room -> Set a Password if you want (Optional)
11. Invite your friends or NS players by giving them the Room No. & Password (give it through chatting or post it in an open group/page)Enjoy PvP Smile

NB*Credit By : Flash Force. 

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